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Energy and climate

We use energy and mobility efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions. We also promote the use and distribution of renewable energy technologies.

Energie & Klima

Our claim: we use energy and mobility efficiently, reduce the emission of CO2 and promote the use and distribution of renewable energy technologies.

For fenaco, with its production plants – and, therefore, for its agricultural producers too – it is crucial to develop alternative sources of energy early on in the course of the “energy revolution”. The climate policy pursued by the Federal Government and the cantons also has a big influence on fenaco. These are our most important areas of activity:

  • Renewable energies in agriculture and processes
  • Energy efficiency measures and CO2 reduction
  • Investments are also evaluated in terms of lifetime energy costs
  • Efficient driving (eco-drive)
  • Maintaining the rail transportation quota and our own rail infrastructure
  • Optimisation of transport through route planning and ecological standards for vehicles

fenaco has concluded a legally binding target agreement with the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW), which includes all of the approximately 220 fenaco locations. The increase in energy efficiency as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions are defined as objectives.

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Energy and climate
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