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The fenaco cooperative is designed to support farmers in the development of their business operations. In order to fulfil this cooperative goal long-term, we use a clear strategy – de la terre à la table.

Strategie / Stratégie / Strategy

fenaco is active in four strategic business fields and aspires to occupy a leading position in the market along the entire value chain – de la terre à la table. To achieve long-term success, we follow three strategic principles: innovation, sustainability and international competence.

We aim to continuously strengthen our position in Switzerland in all four business fields – Agro, Food Industry, Retail Trade and Energy. Our growth is primarily organic. We only pursue acquisitions when they strengthen our company in regards to its members and strategy. Using business models with proven success in Switzerland, we are taking targeted steps towards international growth – on the condition that they serve our cooperative goals. Our main target area is Europe. As a cooperative company, our goal is to strike a balance between profitability and benefits for our members.

To successfully implement our strategy, our company is organised in flexible, decentralised organisational units that are managed according to precisely the same guidelines. These units manage their brand independently in close collaboration with the regional LANDIs. Thanks to our network organisation, we maintain close proximity to our customers. We are an attractive employer for ambitious employees and we offer an equal-opportunity work environment.


In order to fulfil our cooperative goals in the long-term, we follow three strategic principles:

Innovation / Innovation / Innovation


fenaco sees itself as a driver of innovation in the Swiss agriculture, food and energy industry. We form research collaboration groups and start-up partnerships. We see our role in trade and manufacturing as well as in the promotion and procurement of new technologies.

Nachhaltigkeit / Développement durable / Sustainability


fenaco is committed to ensuring that the Swiss agriculture and food industry plays an internationally leading role when it comes to sustainability. To achieve this, we are investing in alternative crop protection measures, an ecological circular economy and renewable energy.

International competence

fenaco works strategically to increase its international competence so it can also fulfil its purpose as a Swiss cooperative in the future. Our goal is to cultivate sustainable, productive and resource-efficient farms.


We offer the best prices for the highest quality, provide exceptional consultation services and have a clear division of roles with the LANDIs. All this makes us the partner of choice in the agricultural sector across all kinds of production methods. Our farmers benefit from our economies of scale. We play an active role in the advancement of Swiss agriculture and are a leader in smart farming technologies.

Our companies and brands in the Agro Business Field


Food Industry

We create value for our members through marketing and processing agricultural products. Continual process optimisation and automation keeps us competitive and able to pay fair purchase prices. In order to develop new sales opportunities for high-quality Swiss foods, we focus on developments in the last mile of the food-service market.

Our companies and brands in the Food Industry Business Field


Retail Trade

With our innovative franchising concepts we are active in the food, near-food and house and garden sectors. We promote sales of Swiss products and use the regional and agricultural roots of the LANDI and other partners in developing the market. Our omnichannel distribution system is based on the needs of our customers.

Our companies and brands in the Retail Trade Business Field



Together with the LANDIs, we are the leading rural energy provider for heating and mobility. We develop new markets for renewable energies and serve as a link between energy producers and customers.

Our companies and brands in the Energy Business Field

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