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Mission statement

The values, strategy and objectives of the fenaco cooperative are defined in the mission statement. This demonstrates how fenaco conducts its business activities, always with the aim of supporting farmers in the economic development of their enterprises.

Leitbild / Plan directeur / Mission statement

fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a concept dating back 150 years. It is owned entirely by local farming cooperatives, the LANDI, and their Swiss farmer members. Agriculture makes an important contribution to ensuring a secure supply of food to the Swiss population, to preserving the natural environment and to shaping our environment. It is vital to our society. fenaco promotes sustainable, market-based and efficient agriculture throughout the entire value chain.


In a legally binding partnership with the LANDI, fenaco supports farmers with the development of their businesses.


We are reliable, committed and firmly rooted within Switzerland.

Market performance

We are active along the entire value chain for the agriculture and food sector and act as an interface between farmers and consumers – from field to fork.

As a supplier, we provide the agricultural sector with a comprehensive range of production systems, consumer goods, technology and services for all production methods, meeting the needs for efficient, resource-friendly production of market-driven, safe and healthy Swiss food. As a marketing partner for farmers, we ensure that nutritious Swiss food reaches the customers. We procure, store, process and distribute agricultural products nationally and internationally. As a retailer, we supply food and consumer goods to the population in mainly rural areas. We also operate as an energy partner for heat and mobility, serving rural regions in particular.

Employees and leadership

Our employees are the key to our success. Meaningful work, autonomy, competitive employment terms, open dialogue and individual development opportunities for all make us an attractive employer. We are committed to protecting the health and safety and personal integrity of our employees, and providing a safe workplace. In all of our activities, we focus on value, observe clear rules of cooperation, and follow our leadership principles, creating an atmosphere of trust, partnership and mutual respect.


We maintain a close proximity to our customers. Observing common principles, our decentralised, flexible organisational units operate on the market with considerable autonomy, independence and innovation. Our business and service units form a strong network.

Business principles

We are committed to responsible, transparent governance underpinned by integrity.

Use of funds

As a cooperative, we strive to strike a balance between making a profit and providing benefits for our members. We generate sufficient funds to ensure the sustained growth of our company while still maintaining an adequate level of self-financing. We ensure the economically sustainable use of the funds at our disposal.


We operate in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable manner.


We maintain a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders. We communicate in a clear, transparent and timely manner both internally and externally.

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