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About us

fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a 150-year-old idea. It is owned by 153 LANDIs and their 42,000 members, including over 23,000 active Swiss farmers.

Über uns / A propos de nous / About us

The fenaco cooperative pursues the objective of supporting Swiss farmers in the economic development of their enterprises. Together with its LANDIs, fenaco forms a group of companies and offers means of production to farmers. It accepts and markets agricultural produce such as grain, corn, oilseeds, potatoes, animals for slaughter, eggs, vegetables, fruit, berries and grapes. In its industrial plants, fenaco refines this produce to create high-quality food and beverages. It markets them to the Swiss retail trade, restaurant chains, the hotel industry and catering, hospitals and care homes – and it supplies its own sales channels – LANDI, Volg, TopShop and independent retailers.

The fenaco cooperative idea briefly explained (in German).

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