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The fenaco-LANDI Group belongs to Swiss farmers. Your membership in a LANDI offers multiple benefits. You can find out more here.


fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a 150-year-old idea. It is owned by 145 LANDIs and their 41,000 members, including over 23,000 active Swiss farmers. At fenaco we live and breathe cooperative values. 

It is our goal to support the farmers in the entrepreneurial development of their businesses. As a supplier, we provide farmers a wide range of products, services and technologies that they need for sustainable, efficient and market-oriented farming, regardless of the production method. As a distribution and marketing partner, fenaco ensures that these premium Swiss foods reach the customers.  


Our members also participate in decisions affecting fenaco. The profits we earn are invested in our company and in the Swiss agricultural and food industry. We share our profits directly with our farming members. 

The fenaco cooperative idea – briefly explained (in German).

Advantages of LANDI membership  


1) Voting rights 

Farmers determine the future of their LANDI by exercising their voting rights. They set the course for the future developments in the cooperative and ensure the strength of the agricultural infrastructure in their region.  

2) Profit sharing 

LANDI members share in the profits earned. The fenaco also participates in profit sharing each year for members actively farming. 

3) Network 

During member events, farmers have the opportunity to get together, exchange ideas and network. 

4) Participation in committees 

LANDI members are actively involved in determining the future of their LANDI: for example, in which areas it will invest. Members can be elected to the LANDI Board of Directors, take part in fenaco committees and have a say in agricultural developments throughout Switzerland. They gain deeper insights into modern business management, increase their market expertise and can use this knowledge to run their own farms.  

5) Member information 

LANDI members receive a free copy of the monthly agricultural journal UFA-Revue as well as the LANDI Contact member magazine. 


Become a member!

To become a member, submit an application to the LANDI in your region. Select your cooperative and fill out the application form on its website.  


Click here for an overview of the LANDI cooperatives

Do you have questions about becoming a LANDI member? Get in touch with us.

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