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The fenaco cooperative is a member of various organisations. Here is an overview

Mitgliedschaften / Affiliations / Memberships

The fenaco cooperative works with various organisations at a regional and national level. The overview below highlights a selection of our key memberships.

Agri & Co Challenge

fenaco supports the Agri & Co Challenge programme run by the canton of Fribourg. Its aim is to attract aspiring young companies from the agriculture, food and biomass sectors. These start-up companies are given the opportunity to relocate to a competence hub at St. Aubin.

To the website of Agri & Co Challenge



fenaco is involved in the AgroCleanTech platform, designed to encourage farmers to make a significant contribution to Switzerland’s energy and climate goals.

To the website of AgroCleanTech



fenaco is a member of the digitalswitzerland association, which unites more than 150 leading companies and organisations. digitalswitzerland aims to transform Switzerland into a leading digital nation.

To the website of digitalswitzerland



ECO SWISS is the Swiss industry organisation for environmental protection and occupational health and safety. These are topics that affect all businesses, including fenaco. ECO SWISS provides a platform and network for companies and associations to come together to tackle these matters and find solutions.

To the website of ECO SWISS


Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

The Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) was founded by leading Swiss trade and industry associations. It advocates cooperation between the public and private sectors to achieve energy and climate policy objectives. Its main concern is to reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland. fenaco is a member of EnAW.

To the website of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector



The foodward association is a network of experts that serves the food sector as both a platform and interface. Its range of services includes further training, circle events, seminars, study trips and a job portal. By partnering with foodward, fenaco supports the development of new activities and the optimisation of existing ones. At the same time, fenaco employees benefit from preferential conditions.

To the website of foodward


Idée Coopérative

As a founding member of Idée Coopérative, fenaco is committed to promoting the cooperative ethos. Other prominent members include Mobiliar, Migros, Raiffeisen Schweiz, Mobility, die Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) and many others.

To the website of Idée Coopérative​​​​​​​


öbu – The Swiss Business Council for Sustainable Development

öbu is the Swiss Business Council for Sustainable Development, and its members include around 350 companies, organisations and institutions. fenaco joined in 1998. Members seek to contribute to a thriving economy without losing sight of their environmental and social responsibilities.

To the website of öbu


Swiss Farmers’ Union

Given its historical ties with agriculture and its membership structure, fenaco is a full member of the Swiss Farmers’ Union (SFU). It acts as the umbrella organisation for the cantonal farmers’ associations and numerous other professional associations.

To the website of Swiss Farmers’ Union


Swiss Fruit Association

As a leading Swiss fruit processing company, fenaco is a member of swiss fruit, the Swiss Fruit Association. This industry organisation is involved in marketing planning, advertising, quality assurance, providing information, and basic and further training, etc.

To the website of Swiss Fruit Association



As a company trading in fruits, vegetables and potatoes, fenaco is a member of SWISSCOFEL. The industry organisation’s 170 or so members are active in the wholesale, retail and import trade and in other sector-related fields.

To the website of SWISSCOFEL

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