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Aepfel in Kisten

From A as in apricot to Z as in zucchini Inoverde brings the fruits, vegetables and potatoes from over 1,000 Swiss farms to the consumer. The company supports producers in cultivation planning, takes the high-quality crops they harvest and sees to it that they are stored, processed and packaged. Inoverde is a reliable parter that supplies Swiss retailers and wholesalers as well as the food industry. Its high-performance infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art technology can be found at 14 locations throughout the most important agricultural areas in Switzerland: Charrat (VS), Perroy (VD), Bercher (VD), Payerne (VD), Ins (BE), Bargen (BE), Bätterkinden (BE), Utzenstorf (BE), Herzogenbuchsee (BE), Sursee (LU), Frauenfeld (TG) and Marthalen (ZH).

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