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The core areas of competence of Frigemo AG are the production and trade of high-quality potato, vegetable, fruit and pasta products, ready-to-cook products, finger food and ready-to-serve salads. Some 700 employees work for Frigemo AG. The head office of the company is in Cressier (NE). This is also the site of one of the three specialist production centres, along with Mellingen (AG) and Zollikofen (BE). There are other units in addition to these: EiCO with factories in Bern (BE) und Märstetten (TG) as well as the commercial firms engaged in retail distribution, Gourmador Zollikofen (BE) and Unterseen (BE), Gebrüder Marksteiner Basel, Bonfrais Bongel Ecublens (VD), Michel Comestibles Unterseen (BE), Kellenberger Frisch Service Zürich and Krenger FGT Uetendorf (BE).