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Membership of LANDI

Farmers are not only customers but, as cooperative members, they are also joint owners of LANDI – and therefore of fenaco too. In this way, they can have direct influence on the development of the entire group of companies.

Mitgliedschaft bei LANDI

The majority of working Swiss farmers are members of an agricultural cooperative – LANDI. And therefore, they are also indirectly members of the fenaco cooperative.

The LANDIs were founded more than one hundred years ago by Swiss farmers as self-help organisations. Resulting from the farmers’ own initiative, LANDIs have grown and been tried and tested over the course of many decades. So, it is not difficult to see why it is still worthwhile today for a farmer to become a member of a LANDI and, thereby, a cooperative member in their own company.

LANDI belongs to its members. The farmers are, therefore, not just customers but, as cooperative members, they are also co-owners of LANDI. They share responsibility and can have a direct influence on the development of their company, for example, by taking part in the annual general meetings. Further paths to the fenaco management bodies are also open through active cooperation in the management bodies of the LANDIs.

The LANDIs and the fenaco cooperative are reliable partners in the marketing of agricultural products as well as the supplying of means of production. Consequently, farmers have an interest in maintaining and strengthening LANDI and fenaco, as the latter act in their interests.

The funds generated by the LANDIs remain within the company. They are used on an ongoing basis to create additional and even better services for the benefit of the owners – and, therefore, for the good of Swiss farmers.

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