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About fenaco

fenaco is an enterprise organised as a cooperative. It originated in 1993 from the amalgamation of six agricultural cooperative associations with a tradition dating back more than 150 years. You can find out more about us here.

Über uns / A propos de nous / About us

The fenaco cooperative pursues the objective of supporting Swiss farmers in the economic development of their enterprises. Together with its LANDIs, fenaco forms a group of companies and offers means of production to farmers. It accepts and markets agricultural produce such as grain, corn, oilseeds, potatoes, animals for slaughter, eggs, vegetables, fruit, berries and grapes. In its industrial plants, fenaco refines this produce to create high-quality food and beverages. It markets them to the Swiss retail trade, restaurant chains, the hotel industry and catering, hospitals and care homes – and it supplies its own sales channels – LANDI, Volg, TopShop and independent retailers.

The fenaco cooperative idea briefly explained (in German).

Geschäftsfelder / Domaines d'activités / Business areas

Business areas

As a marketing partner to farmers, the fenaco cooperative ensures that valuable Swiss foods reach the consumer.

Leitbild / Plan directeur / Mission statement

Mission statement

The values, strategy and objectives of the fenaco cooperative are defined in the mission statement. This demonstrates how fenaco conducts its business activities, always with the aim of supporting farmers in the economic development of their enterprises.

Strategie / Stratégie / Strategy


Die fenaco hat den Auftrag, die Landwirtinnen und Landwirte bei der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung ihrer Betriebe zu unterstützen. Um diesen Genossenschaftszweck langfristig zu erfüllen, verfolgen wir eine klare Strategie – de la terre à la table.

Zahlen und Fakten / Faits et chiffres / Facts and figures

Facts and figures

Around 11,500 people work for fenaco. They generate an annual turnover of approximately CHF 8 billion for the cooperative. These and other facts can be called up here.


Together with the LANDIs, fenaco forms a cooperative association, according to Swiss law, as the fenaco-LANDI Group. While the Board of Directors specifies the strategic guidelines, the Executive Board is responsible for the operational management.

Regionen und Standorte / Régions et sites / Regions and sites

Regions and sites

The area of activity of the fenaco cooperative includes almost the whole of Switzerland. It is divided into four regions, where the activities are coordinated at the respective main sites in Puidoux, Bern, Sursee and Winterthur.

Auszeichnungen & Preise


The fenaco cooperative and its companies have won a variety of awards in the last few years. Here is an overview of the most important prizes (as from November 2018).

Mitgliedschaften & Partnerschaften


The fenaco cooperative is a member of various organisations. Here is an overview.


The fenaco cooperative is a partner of various organisations. Here is an overview.


fenaco can trace its roots back some 150 years. A summary of the most important events in our history.

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