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Strategy and values

The values, strategy and objectives of the fenaco cooperative are defined in the mission statement. This demonstrates how fenaco conducts its business activities, always with the aim of supporting farmers in the economic development of their enterprises.

Strategie & Werte

The fenaco cooperative is a predictable, reliable partner with integrity. It conducts its business activities with consideration of the economic, social and ecological aspects.


In highly industrialised Switzerland, the continued existence of healthy, efficient agriculture is very important. Agriculture makes a significant contribution to the food industry as well to the preservation, cultivation and management of our living space and environment. The foundation for the efficiency of Swiss agriculture is expedient, purposeful and sustainable production that is in line with market requirements.


fenaco supports farmers in the economic development of their enterprises in a binding partnership with the LANDIs.

Market performance

  • In the agricultural production resources segment: we offer farmers a comprehensive range of means of production, consumer goods and services of all kinds. Achieving strong market positions means that we are able to offer farmers and other parties a range of high-quality items that meet their needs, on time, at low prices and on a continuous basis.
  • In the agricultural produce segment: as a fair trading partner, we guarantee the efficient supply of agricultural produce and their derived products, in line with the market, for all customers. We procure agricultural products in a targeted way and we store and refine them to create semi-finished and finished goods. We secure and expand distribution systems in order to increase customer satisfaction as well as production and sales opportunities for producers.
  • In the consumer goods segment: we supply the population, primarily in rural areas, with consumer goods and energy. With professional marketing and strong logistics, we offer our customers a range that is line with market requirements..

Employees and management conduct

We apply clear rules with regard to cooperation and live by our management principles. In so doing, we create an atmosphere of trust and partnership and give recognition and respect. We lead by agreeing on objectives and delegating tasks, areas of authority and responsibility. Our management conduct is based on partnership and circumstances and is solution-orientated. We create competitive conditions of employment which are adapted to the working conditions in the various sectors in which we operate. We support our employees individually and encourage them to have their say.

Use of financial resources

We work hard to achieve sufficient means to ensure the long-term development of our company. At the same time, we observe a reasonable degree of self-financing. We deploy the resources available to us economically, so that sufficient interest is generated by our company capital.

Organisational principles

We work in decentralised, flexible organisational units, which deal with the market with great autonomy and independence to produce the best market performance. We make full and consistent use of the potential benefits of the fenaco Group and deploy resources in a targeted way. We set up, organise and run our business and service units based on the same principles.

Business principles

We are dependable and reliable and we have integrity.

Sustainability principles

We conduct our business activity in an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable way.

Information principles

We provide information on time, clearly and openly, both inside and outside the company.