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Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board implement the strategy of the fenaco cooperative. They have overall responsibility for all operational matters.

The Executive Board of the fenaco cooperative comprises the divisional heads and members of the wider management. The Executive Board is headed by the Chairman, who has overall operational responsibility for the Group. It implements the strategies decided by the Board of Directors and informs the Board of Directors about business development and important projects.

The members convene, on average, twice a month for the Executive Board meeting. Moreover, it is usually the case that Executive Board members are also on the Board of Directors at larger subsidiary companies of fenaco or assume operational management as delegates to the Board of Directors. Executive Board members also take part in events for various communication platforms within the fenaco-LANDI Group, for example, the annual regional assemblies, the LANDI dialogues and the two-day Board of Directors’ seminars.

LANDI Division

The LANDI Division manages fenaco’s own LANDIs in four regions and promotes structural development as well as dialogue between the member LANDIs and fenaco. Furthermore, the Infrastructure/Sustainability Department is affiliated with this Division.

Käser David

Head of the LANDI Division and the Swiss Plateau Region

David Käser

Gassmann Geneviève

Head of the Western Switzerland Region

Geneviève Gassmann

Epp Stefan

Head of the Central Switzerland Region and Infrastructure / Sustainability Department

Stefan Epp

Head of the Eastern Switzerland Region

Daniel Braun

Agricultural Division

The Agricultural Division offers the means of production to farmers that they require to produce healthy and safe Swiss foodstuffs. It also includes the Animals/Feed/Grains/Crop Production and Agricultural Technology/Plant Construction Departments.

Mollet Heinz

Head of the Agricultural Division and the Departments Livestock / Feedstuffs / Grain and Agricultural Engineering

Heinz Mollet

Feitknecht Michael

Head of the Crop Production Department

Michael Feitknecht

Finance / Services Division

The Finance and IT/Logistics Departments are brought together in the Finance/Services Division. 

Zurlinden Daniel

Head of the Finance / Services Division

Daniel Zurlinden

Head of the Finance Department

Marta Pruneddu

Buser Michael

Head of the Information Technology / Logistics Department

Michael Buser

Corporate Development Division

The Corporate Development Division includes the Communications/Development/Human Resources Department.

Keller Martin

Head of the Corporate Development Division and the Communications / Development / HR Department

Martin Keller

Bischof Daniel

Head of the Energy Department

Daniel Bischof

Food Industry Division

The Food Industry Division refines agricultural produce into high-quality, healthy and safe food and beverages. It includes the Convenience, Meat, Beverages and Freshness/Food Safety Departments.

Consoni Christian

Head of the Food Industry Division and Beverages Department

Christian Consoni

Wittmer Beat

Head of the Convenience Department

Beat Wittmer

Sutter Reto

Head of the Meat Department

Reto Sutter

Hämmerli Markus

Head of the Freshness/Food Safety Department

Markus Hämmerli

Retail Trade

The Retail Trade Division supplies the population with food and consumer goods, primarily in rural areas. It includes the Volg Shops/Filling Station Shops and LANDI Stores Departments.

Zgraggen Philipp

Head of the Retail Trade Division and Head of the Volg Stores / Shops Department

Philipp Zgraggen

Hunkeler Ernst

Head of the LANDI Shops Department

Ernst Hunkeler

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