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Organisation and structure

Together with the LANDIs, fenaco forms a cooperative association, according to Swiss law, as the fenaco-LANDI Group. While the Board of Directors specifies the strategic guidelines, the Executive Board is responsible for the operational management.

Organisation & Aufbau

Together with the members – the LANDIs – fenaco forms a cooperative association according to Swiss law. Its head office is in Bern. The subsidiary companies of fenaco are largely organised as public limited companies. As central bodies, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board determine the fortunes of fenaco.

On 31 December 2019, the fenaco cooperative consisted of 183 members, 153 of which are business operations, with 3112 delegates’ votes. In turn, these members are owned by 43,630 individual members, mainly farmers. Membership of fenaco is open to cooperatives and other legal entities which pursue the same purpose as fenaco or a corresponding one.

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