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Facts and figures

Around 10,000 people work for fenaco. They generate an annual turnover of approximately CHF 6 billion for the cooperative. These and other facts can be called up here.

Zahlen & Fakten

Net revenue and EBIT, staff units and employees: these and other facts and figures explain how the fenaco cooperative is set up.


Net revenue

In 2017, the fenaco cooperative generated a net revenue of CHF 6.26 billion.

Net revenue by business field

In 2017, the net revenue was distributed across the four units of the fenaco cooperative as follows:

  • Business field Agro: CHF 1,791 million
  • Business field Food Industry: CHF 1,245 million
  • Business field Retail Trade: CHF 1,959 million
  • Business field Energy: CHF 1,142 million

Another CHF 125 million was generated by the “Miscellaneous” unit.

Operating result

In 2017, the fenaco cooperative generated earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of CHF 129 million.


10,058 employees worked for the fenaco cooperative in 2017. This corresponded with 8,383 full-time equivalents.

Detailed figures and a great deal of further information can be found in the fenaco cooperative annual report: